My longwinded attempt at a bio page. This is most definitely more than you need to know about me. Enjoy! Feel free to not read any of it (:


My story, in brief

I'm from Chico, CA. Most of my young life was spent running around as fast as possible, soccer, football, capture the flag, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, ect. I did architecture in HS and figured thats what I'd be, until my internship at an architecture firm, I found out thats not what I wanted to be at all (It was a good firm, just not my thing). 


What I care about


Why I make stuff

I have to. If I'm on "vacation," I can go about two days before I start working on some sort of project. I do know how to have fun and relax, but I just love creating too much to stop. There is a lasting fulfillment that I only get from making and working really hard.